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Rules & Regulations

a. No Dancer or drummer shall be under the influence of durgs and/or alcohol.

b. All Dancers must participate in all Grand Entries.

c. All Dancers judged must be registered and numbers must be worn and visible for competition.

d. All Dancers are to have one contest and two exhibitions.

e. If any items of regalia (e.g. feathers, leggings, scarf, hair ties, etc.) fall off during the dance competition, that dancer shall disqualify him/herself from that round of competition.

f. Each dancer must be registered in one category and must be in their proper age category. If a dancer is found to be in the wrong category, he/she will be disqualified.

g. In the event of a dance off all dancers will be given two (2) chances to appear in the dance arena.

h. All decisions made by the head judge(s) are final.

i. Points will be accumulated through participation in Grand Entries, Exhibitions and contests.

j. For Hand Drum Contest, Minimum 1 drummer, No Drum Hopping.